Whoops Fairy or Elf Door & Mailbox Pack

Whoops Fairy or Elf Door & Mailbox Pack


The Fairies and Elves got carried away and made a little mistake!

We are very strict on our presentation standards here at The Fairy Door Store.

So this Fairy or Elf Door with mailbox is sold with minor imperfections as our famous WHOOPS! door.  

At first sight they are just as beautiful as all of our doors, however when you look super close it may have some glue that has over-run, some of the brass fittings have set a little crooked or slight cracking in the wood joints, or a little chip in the paint.  Mostly they are so minor that only the quality control Fairies can see them.

Please note that these doors do not contain the Fairy Welcome letter.

 Simply tell us whether you would like a Fairy Door or an Elf Door in the comments.  

If neither is indicated in comments, a Fairy Door will be sent.

If you have any questions about this product, please email 



Fairy Doors are designed for decorative purposes only and not recommended for the use of  children under 5. 

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